Should Homework Be Banned?

Why Get Rid of It?

Some school districts are looking for ways to stretch funding for schools. One option includes omitting take home assignments. Students may say to themselves I have to do my homework tonight, but many districts have gotten rid of the concept to save money. Other districts admit they did so to reduce stress among their students. Math homework is one of many common subjects students struggle with and the idea of getting rid of it already helps students feel better.

There are parents, educators, and students that agree take home assignments are pointless. It is great to have options including a homework helper to assist with doing papers, but many feel it is a waste of time. As students get older and move on to higher academic levels they engage in more activities such as afterschool and extra-curricular activities. It is a time crunch for some students to do an afterschool job or sports activity and then find time to do school assignments. A homework planner can help organize time for assignments, but with a busy schedule it may not help much.

Why Continue It?

School assignments completed at home give students a chance to reflect on what they have learned. They practice their skills and encourage better memory of what they have learned. Some students work with a or tutor to assist with their work. There are other assignments that are good for students especially when they encourage personal creativity when it’s different from doing regular book work. When instructors mention to students to make sure to do your homework it may be worth extra credit points or are an opportunity for students to improve their grades if they are failing a class.

Completing assignments at home from school nowadays includes using the internet or some type of digital device for educational purposes. Because most students use mobile devices for streaming games, movies, and etc., you can get homework help online through sites designed to provide academic assistance to students. There are games, tutorials, and professional services geared toward completing school assignments. It is much easier to get help with homework for any topic or subject when using the internet and students have no problem taking advantage of such opportunities. Students don’t have to struggle completing assignments with so many help options available.

The Verdict

Should take home assignments be banned for good? Some say yes and others say no. It may depend on the academic level of students. Younger students may benefit from take home assignments to learn responsibility. Older students can benefit when it’s related to personal or career interests like college homework assignments. There are help options for students available through different websites students can access all year round without getting an assignment from school. For example, there are websites like providing college homework help with tips and advice on how to do certain tasks that may help in other areas outside of class like email or letter writing.

Students in other grades such as high school, middle school, and elementary school have options online through educational games and group activity options. Such options can help students develop their skills without the need of completing take home papers. Schools that banned take home assignments have students complete their work in class. It is seen as a better alternative because the instructor or classmate can assist the student in class. Plus, students are likely to finish their work and get credit for it than taking the assignment home and not doing it at all; an option many students choose.

In conclusion, banning take home assignments may have advantages that benefit everybody. Because we are in a new age with society depending so much on technology advancements, doing such assignments has a different appeal. You can go online to get help for assignments such as finding a math homework solver or academic tutor for assistance. Few feel take home assignments can help students stay out of trouble while encouraging them to use their time wisely. However, doing such assignments has caused increased stress among students. Doing such work has imposed unnecessary pressure affecting personal confidence and how students view their abilities.